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Ocean Real Estate Ocean Real Estate is located within the Central Station of The Hague. Ocean Real Estate mainly invests in the private sector (houses, apartments and studio’s) and to a limited extent, in commercial real estate. We mostly invest in functional and current objects, located in the urban agglomerations and intended for long-term use by individuals and corporations. Our company is based on the core values of quality management, sustainable returns and durability. This is demonstrated by our transparent way of conducting business, our clear long-term vision and our high level of renovation, revitalization and maintenance. Vision It is no longer the case that real estate will maintain its value in all cases. In the past years investments in real estate have showed an increase in value. Depending on the location and the function of real estate, there are still ample opportunities. More than in the past, the location and quality of the object will determine the positive value development. The emphasis on sustainability will increase the importance of constructively managing vacant properties and revitalizing real estate. Mission Ocean Real Estate strives to significantly increase the size of its portfolio, mainly through direct acquisition, and partially through project development. In addition, our goal is to have a portfolio of which 15-20% consists of stores located on A and B locations in large cities. Furthermore, Ocean Real Estate would like to have a hand in local and international developments, such as increased investment in student dormitories in urban agglomerations and the further exploration of emerging market countries.

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